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Glamping, a new trend!

Glamping – alternative and trendy tourism

Are you a fan of camping holidays and would like to vary the pleasures a little? Discover Glamping at the Les Cascades campsite, a tourist trend that is increasingly appreciated by Europeans looking for warm and atypical holidays.

What is Glamping?

Glamping is the astonishing combination of “glamour” and “camping”. First seen in the UK in 2007, the trend has quickly spread across Europe. The concept of Glamping is simple: outdoor tourism offering comfort, luxury and respect for nature. It’s a two-sided concept, where guests can enjoy the natural environment of the campsite and the benefits of top-of-the-range accommodation.

Firstly, Glamping has mainly developed far from the coast, in more remote and wilder areas. Today, this type of alternative accommodation is offered in various campsites and establishments that wish to offer a unique and atypical experience to their customers.

The campsites are modernising and are in tune with the changing desires of each individual. Although traditional camping is not about to die out, the establishments are constantly improving their offers in terms of comfort and quality.

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Unusual holidays

Glamping’s strength lies in the diversity of tourist accommodation it offers. Indeed, one of the main features of this trend is the possibility of choosing unusual accommodation of all kinds: lodges, bubbles, tepees, huts on the water or perched… There is something for all tastes and all ages.

  • Back to nature
    Like the campsite, Le Glamping offers accommodation in the heart of nature, often close to authentic and spectacular sites. Whichever type of accommodation you choose, reconnection with nature is not long in coming. These alternative accommodations are generally in keeping with the environment, with entirely wooden cabins for example. The smells of wood and nature will intoxicate you as soon as you wake up. Enjoy a pleasant breakfast on the terrace, accompanied by greenery and birdsong.
  • Luxury and comfort
    Here we are far away from the rustic hut at the bottom of the woods. Indeed, although these accommodations are located in nature, they enjoy maximum comfort.

Whatever your preferences and aspirations, Le Glamping has a variety of accommodations that will satisfy you. Camping Les Cascades, for example, offers structures entirely made of wood and in the middle of nature. It will also be making Lodges tents available in the near future.

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Glamping enthusiasts

The tastes of the clientele are constantly changing. They are increasingly demanding in terms of quality and experience. Glamping has emerged to satisfy customers who are a little bit avant-garde and in search of adventure. As nature lovers, Glamping enthusiasts appreciate a return to their roots in a modern and atypical context.

Glamping is aimed at regular campers who wish to change their habits with unusual accommodation. Beginner campers will also find what they are looking for in this type of alternative tourism. In fact, these accommodations allow you to take the plunge into nature holidays gently, with comfort and quality. Whatever your camping experience, you will undoubtedly appreciate the quality of these extraordinary services.

Would you like to benefit from the convivial aspect of camping in an atypical and comfortable accommodation? Le Glamping awaits you for a unique experience and a successful holiday!

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