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Organising your holiday at the campsite: the 10 steps before you leave

While planning a trip is usually synonymous with excitement and joy, the organisation part can quickly become stressful. Bookings, suitcases, fear of forgetting things… Your camping holiday is one of the most important moments of the year, and you can’t afford to spoil it with logistical problems. Organising your camping holiday: our different steps to follow to come to our campsite with peace of mind!

1) Determining the period and the region

When planning your camping holiday, the first thing to do is to assess potential departure times. According to your personal and professional imperatives, set the optimal date. If you are camping in a tent, you should of course choose the right periods according to the season.

France is blessed with a rich and incredible nature. The landscapes are very diverse, offering many possibilities to holidaymakers (sea, mountains, countryside, historical sites…). Take stock of your desires and also your means. Indeed, crossing the country for 3 days of camping does not prove to be the wisest decision for a relaxing stay.

2) For what type of stay?

One of the main advantages of camping is the possibility of offering different types of accommodation to suit all tastes and budgets. Before choosing your campsite, think about the style of stay you would like to have: authentic in your traditional tent, more comfortable in a fully equipped cottage… Perhaps you also have a motorhome, in which case the answer is all there!

At Les Cascades campsite you are sure to find what you are looking for!

3) Choosing your campsite

Depending on the region you have selected, different parameters are to be taken into account. First of all, if for practical reasons (family, child…) or for health reasons (reduced mobility…), you have specific needs, do a search in this direction. Once these essential criteria have been validated, take the time to compare the facilities offered by the different campsites according to your wishes. Playgrounds, aquatic area, sports ground… Treat yourself!

For example, the 4-star Les Cascades campsite offers many amenities: a heated swimming pool in its brand new aquatic area, new sports and leisure areas, an Italian restaurant and a terrace bar… In addition, activities for all ages are organised during the day and in the evening (aquagym, canoeing, karaoke…).

4) Arrange transport

Before you book your rental, make sure you are able to get there! Many campsites are only accessible by road. If you do not have a car and are planning to use public transport, think about your travel options. If you have a car / camper van, estimate the distances and the cost of the journey.

Our campsite is easily accessible by car or motorhome!

5) Booking your rental

Depending on the period, location and type of accommodation chosen, a reservation several months in advance may be necessary. Indeed, the months of July/August are particularly popular throughout France. The best thing to do is to book as soon as your departure dates are fixed. In addition to saving you stress, this will also allow you to have access to the best choices (campsites and accommodation).

6) Opt for a cancellation insurance

Whether it is for booking your camping accommodation, transport or even potential activities, it may be useful to opt for cancellation insurance. Unfortunately, we are never immune to the unexpected. Please also ask about the cover offered by your credit card, some of which include an insurance component.

Given the current situation, our campsite and the Yelloh! Village group offer an extension to the cancellation insurance.

7) Consider activities

Once you have booked your campsite, feel free to ask about activities in the surrounding area. Some of them may require a prior reservation. This will also allow you to take this into account in your budget. Don’t hesitate to ask for advice from your campsite by telephone and e-mail directly at the reception on site.

The Provence Occitane region is a perfect playground for all lovers of all kinds of activities, tree climbing, canoeing, paintball, hiking, mountain biking, walking, visits to listed villages, wine tasting, theme parks, swimming, you will surely find what you are looking for when you come to spend your holidays in our campsite!

8) Writing a list

Before you leave, make a list of the things you need to pack for your stay. Start thinking a few weeks before your holiday if possible. Indeed, depending on your holiday, you may need to equip yourself with specific equipment (hiking boots, sleeping bag…).

9) Packing your suitcase

Like the list, it is better not to pack your suitcase at the last minute. There is nothing like rushing to forget something essential. While suitcases can be a nightmare for some people, a list will allow everyone to pack serenely.

10) Advice before leaving...

Before leaving your accommodation, you should apply a few small safety and hygiene measures:

  • Empty the fridge, the dishwasher and the dustbin.
  • Unplug your devices in standby or charging mode.
  • Turn off lights and electrical appliances
  • Turn off the water

Have a good holiday!

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