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Shooting of Nicolas Vanier's new film in the Gard region.

Since last April, director Nicolas Vanier and his film crew have been pleased to be in our beautiful region! A look back on this atypical event.

Direction of the film ” Mon ami Poly ” (My friend Poly)
After Belle & Sébastien, Nicolas Vanier wants to adapt a new soap opera by Cécile Aubry. This time, it will be the story of the endearing Poly, which should come out on the big screen at the end of next year.

In the 60s TV series, a little boy frees a pony from a circus in which he is badly treated. These two accomplices will go on to live a whole series of adventures. For this new adaptation, Nicolas Vanier has expressed the wish to revisit the story with a little girl, Pascale.

Currently in full shooting in the Gard, the director knew how to surround himself with beautiful headliners. Among them, François Cluzet, Patrick Timsit and Julie Gayet. But Nicolas Vanier has also put the region to contribution. Indeed, he did not hesitate to call upon the locals to carry out his casting. The extras in the future film are mainly from the region. They include people from Montclus, La Roque-Sur-Cèze, Goudargues and Bagnols-sur-Cèze.

nicolas vanier gard réalisateur

Shooting in the Gard

Since last April 28th, the film crew has benefited from the sets of the Gard Rhodanien for the adaptation of the film Poly.

If the original series was shot in a commune of the Essonne department, it would seem that Nicolas Vanier had a real crush on the Gard region. During the shooting in the hinterland of Montclus, Nicolas Vanier declared that he felt better in this nature than under the spotlights of the Cannes Film Festival (according to an interview with Midi Libre).

Different scenes of the film will be shot in the surroundings. One of them is currently being filmed at the edge of the Sautadet waterfalls, on the beach of the campsite Les Cascades. Formed by the river Cèze, this series of spectacular waterfalls is an unmissable natural site in the region.

This pretty corner of France promises to bring a not insignificant cachet to future feature films. An obvious asset for the director who fell in love by chance with these authentic landscapes and the sympathy of the inhabitants. “I had the opportunity to shoot 200 kilometres from here. While visiting this area, I was blown away by the beauty of the landscapes,” says Nicolas Vanier. So I suggested to the production company that I put my cameras here. ».

Filming in the region will take place in late June, early July.

Visit Montclus and the surrounding area

The director has set his sights on the Gard region and is far from being the only one to appreciate it. Many holidaymakers meet every year near La Roque-sur-Cèze to enjoy the beauty of the place. The nature is preserved and the villages also preserve an interesting cultural heritage.

Whether you are a nature lover or a history lover, you are bound to find what you are looking for in the surrounding area. Discover, among others, the most beautiful villages of France in the Gard and the incredible Sautadet waterfalls.

Convinced by the potential and beauty of the region? Don’t wait for the film to come out to visit us! Les Cascades campsite welcomes you during the summer period for a relaxing stay close to nature.

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